Cheers, gang! My name is D’Wain Carthen and I enjoy drinking good beer. Simply put, I am a 29-year-old dude, from Oklahoma, that likes to meet people and partake in excellent brews and great conversations. The Tulsa beer scene is at its boiling point and I want to help bring attention to the beer available in our great city and in Oklahoma. I am not a beer snob. Snobs don’t share. I want to include you in my experiences with beer, so that we can all learn a bit more about what we drink and who we are.
Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the BierGarten Finale tasting event hosted by the one and only Freddy Lamport. He has been a major advocate for craft beer in Tulsa for a number of years now through his amazing store BierGarten, located in Jenks. April 15th – 20th marked the inaugural Tulsa Craft Beer Week. As an organizer of the festivities that took place, it was only fitting that the event be held at Freddy’s establishment.

We had several events throughout the week including several at the awesome R-Bar on Brookside. Of the eleven beer gatherings, R-Bar hosted five of them. Not to be outdone, the Tulsa craft beer veteran, McNellie’s, had just as many events. Each establishment had an event just about every night. We had beer dinners, tap takeovers, firkin nights, pint nights, OH MY! More beer, please! Any fan of craft beer that was within 100 miles of Tulsa had no excuse to be anywhere else in the state.

I almost missed out on the beer-tasting finale, myself. I waited too long and the event actually sold out before I was able to get tickets. I was bummed! So, on Friday I headed to BierGarten to grab some beer and heal my bruised soul. Freddy asked if I was coming to Saturday’s event, to which I had to regretfully respond that I was not due to my procrastination. This is when Freddy came through in the clutch and asked if I would be willing to work at the festival. Uhhh…yeah, dude! Who would turn down this opportunity?

BierGarten’s finale was scheduled from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Saturday. It featured some of our awesome local breweries such as Coop Ale Works (Oklahoma City), Marshall Brewing (Tulsa), Choc Beer Co. (Krebs), and the exciting newcomer Prairie Artisan Ales (Krebs). I had the chance to try some great beers and discuss the event with fellow beer nerds. One of my favorite offerings was the Habanero Wheat (#15) from the Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers (FOAM) tent. It started with a smoky nose, quickly transformed into an apple cider middle, and finished with a hint of habanero. If this beer were landscape, it would be a cabin in the woods. Many of my buddies and other attendees had high-praise for #15, but there was one naysayer, THE BREWER! I had the pleasure of discussing this great creation with home brew wizard, Shelly. She wanted there to be more smoke and more spice from the habanero. Unfortunately, Shelly did not get what she wanted, but we all enjoyed the insane journey her beer took us on. I also had the opportunity to try Prairie’s “Bomb!” This M80 is a Russian Imperial Stout brewed with Tulsa’s own Nordaggio’s coffee. If you’re like me and love craft beer and a great cup of coffee, this brew will wake you up! With beers like Shelly’s Habanero concoction and Prairie’s Bomb!, this is an event that Tulsa must keep alive!

Cheers to BierGarten, Shelly, and all the good folks who attended!


An unexpected Christmas present from my youngest brother turned into a book I will refer to through the rest of my beer snob career. Randy Mosher is a well known author for book, 'Radical Brewing' and digging deep into the history and revealing why so many are passionate for this liquid libation. 'Tasting Beer' takes you on a journey of beer's inception and it's rise to fame through the centuries. Randy breaks down the anatomy of beer to style, color, taste, history for you to have a more memorable experience with your beer and appreciate the art form of crafting a good beer. As a member of the AHA and Chicago Beer Society, Randy is the ultimate enthusiast that can inspire and bring out the true beer lover in anybody.

I really couldn't put this book down and almost found myself drinking a beer each time I picked it up to try and deconstruct what was in it and solve the mysteries of craft beer along with Randy. You will learn more than you can retain and I have a feeling I will be reading this again and using the dictionary provided as well or the multitude of charts for SRM (Standard Reference Method), IBU's, proper glassware, food and cheese pairings and so much more.

Probably the most enticing reading lies in chapters 9 and beyond where Randy breaks down every beer style  with complete history, profile and suggested beers to try from British ales to lagers to American craft beer. Recently I went back to reference Belgian strong dark ales while drinking a Dogfish Head Raison D'etre and gained a better appreciation for the complexity of the malts and rich finish of the beer. Now if that doesn't scream beer geek...

I encourage you to put this book on your reading list if you ever wanted to gain a fuller appreciation for the beer you drink or if you are an avid cook and want to start pairing with beer. Randy breaks it all down in simple language and great layout for you to go back and reference with ease. You can find it online for sale almost anywhere and as I write this there is a copy sitting in Martin Regional Library in Tulsa, OK.

So what are you waiting for, go grab a copy, crack open an Oklahoma craft beer and enjoy!

(Originally submitted by Brian W on Fri, 2013/01/11)

It's a new year and that means new beer coming to the state of Oklahoma. One we are showcasing this month is Dead Armadillo Brewing.

(Originally submitted by Brian W on Fri, 2013/01/11)

It's a new year and that means new beer coming to the state of Oklahoma. One we are showcasing this month is Dead Armadillo Brewing. ( )

Led by the two founders Tony Peck and Chris Barba and brewmaster Mason Beecroft, Dead Armadillo is bringing another brewery to the Tulsa area with great session beers and a black IPA, my personal favorite. Check our events calendar this month as we will host a tasting with Dead Armadillo at R Bar in Tulsa.

January means winter beers and special release are fading as we transition to spring style beers. It's an encouraging time to be a part of the craft beer movement as sales continue to rise and more breweries popping up. One such brewery are two home brewers turned pro going under the name RoughTail Brewery out of Oklahoma City. ( Currently they have a Kickstarter project for a canning line which you may see more breweries leaning towards. Technology for cans has improved and does not leave any metallic taste thanks to a new polymer coating. Cans are easier to recycle, don't break, allow no light or air in to create skunky beer and much easier to take to the lake, beach, party buses, etc.

Also new is Marshall Brewery's App in the Apple store. There you can check out if Marshall beer is at your favorite watering hole, events and beer releases.

Another company with a Kickstarter campaign is Black Mesa who currently have their Blonde style pouring at Smoke and Dust Bowl in Tulsa. Drop them a few dollars if you can so they can reserve time and space at the OK City Brewing Co. where start-ups can brew with low costs to help them create a market for their beer without all the overhead costs.

It's a great time to invest in these breweries as more Americans are striking out on their own. Their passion is not going away and more industry means more jobs for Tulsa so why not support Oklahoma craft beer today!

We have so much more in the works for our members including a tour of Marshall Brewery in the coming months. Like us on Facebook and get your membership today to be a part of the Oklahoma craft beer revolution!

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Ever since I moved to Tulsa from St. Louis in 2008, Oklahoma's brewing industry left me wanting more. So I went out to find the people behind the breweries, the community behind it and documenting the culture of craft beer. Since then it has evolved nicely and here with this podcast I delve deeper to show how much craft beer improves the people and local economies that create it.  


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