Vortex Alley Brewing

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This is exactly what I predicted when SB424 was being talked about and put into place. Small, neighborhood taprooms in Oklahoma looking to fill a niche market that is growing nationally like wild fire. And we know a lot about wildfires here. Vortex Alley Brewing fits the nano brewery description with a planned 1.5 bbls scale production to serve in downtown Ponca City, OK slated for late summer/fall. Like so many other homebrewers I can't help but imagine they will usher in a new wave of microbreweries unlike anything we've seen in this state before. So, David Thomas and Spencer Boatmun sat down with me to help document why they thought this was the perfect idea to bring their hobby of a combined 33 years amongst their four members you in Oklahoma. 

I can't tell you how much fun it is to invite these people into your life and really communicate about something so passionately like beer. It's a great feeling to see more people get bit by the bug and trying something new. I completely agree with David in respects to how we approach these new ventures. We are constantly learning and you don't know what you don't know so we must be patient and support those who want to bring craft to the spotlight. I ask you to support them through their GoFundMe account, volunteer information or skills because we are paving a path for those behind them as we are cultivating the craft of good beer in Oklahoma.

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Oh boy, this one went a little beyond the Pale Ale so to say. Just about my favorite brewery to date, even outside of Oklahoma, Roughtail has been cranking out "AGGRESSIVE" IPA's and beers for the past 3 years. Jeff 'The Stash' Caillouette is the Business Outreach Specialist that helps get Roughtail beer into all your favorite watering holes. Matt Denham is the head brewer when he's not picking hop pellets out of his beard. We had too good a time catching up personally and discussing all things brewing including the new Adaptation series and an Imperial stout to the lineup.

If you make it through those shenanigans and like to hear more of these types of podcasts just let me know on the Beer is OK Facebook page. These are broadcast on the Stitcher App for free and on iTunes. If you have a second to hit the thumbs up in the Stitcher app and give the podcast a review I'd be ever grateful. It'll keep others aware that we are crafting a community of good beer drinkers in OK.

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Elk Valley taps

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What's your dream? your passion? Can you easily answer it or do you have to think about it? I'm still finding my purpose but there are some that know once it hits them. John Elkins shed off his role as an aircraft mechanic after discovering the "Joys of Homebrewing" as Papazzian so eloquently put it all those years ago. The public has benefited greatly with his simple hop forward pale ale, to the easy drinking saison La Ferme and his complex imperial stout Nemesis with all its barrel and coffee variations. I'm fortunate to have met John before and finally found some time to sit and document this journey he has taken upon himself to do what he loves.


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High Gravity home brew supplies

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Dave and Desiree Knott have been serving Tulsa homebrewers needs for the past 12 years. What started as a little hobby some 20 years ago for Dave led into a joke between the two to quit their jobs and open a homebrew store. It seems these days that is all too common for those burned out at their day jobs to invest themselves into a passion. High Gravity offers supplies and kits to make anything fermented from cheese to kombucha. They also offer gifts and even sell Beer is OK products. They've expanded 3 times over and now with an unfriendly nudge are being forced out to a new location down the street. What better incentive to reinvent their store and create a microbrewery! A tasting room is just one of the many feature of the new store. Head over to their donation page and pledge some support for a local store that cares so much for their community.

Pledge here Gofundme.com/highgravitybrew

Check out HighGravity Homebrew and like them on Facebook.

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I catch up with Keith Dion of Service Brewing and the famous Brew/Drink/Run podcast he co-hosts. Keith is the cellarman at Service Brewing, a veteran owned and operated brewery, but as most places he wears many hats. Keith also writes beer reviews on the BDR blog and has quite a refined palette. I'd trust his reviews certainly over mine. I'll be on their show in the near future discussing some American Solera beers that I sent them. Find them on iTunes or Stitcher, it's a great show discussing beer and how to burn those calories by running it off....but mostly drinking. 

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Ever since I moved to Tulsa from St. Louis in 2008, Oklahoma's brewing industry left me wanting more. So I went out to find the people behind the breweries, the community behind it and documenting the culture of craft beer. Since then it has evolved nicely and here with this podcast I delve deeper to show how much craft beer improves the people and local economies that create it.  


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