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It's Tulsa Craft Beer Week and I hosted my first live podcast. We had a great turnout, gave away some awesome quadruple branded mason jar glassware and had a fun time talking about the future of craft beer in Oklahoma. If you missed it, well, here is the edited version for your listening enjoyment.

The stories behind the beer, the brewery and the passionate brewer is why we are gathered here today. There's no question Oklahoma craft beer has come out of the shadows. What really makes it shine is the community behind it. Besides being a social and economic center, breweries can help build the foundation of a strong community.  Thanks to institutions like Marshall Brewing that have paved the way for new developing breweries like the three we’re about to talk to today, we have a unique opportunity to meet those who make the beer we hold dear. Not something you can do in every local retail store. While we are no Ashville yet, Tulsa is budding into a beer city, so let’s meet the future right now...


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Oklahoma liquor store shelves and floors are getting a bit fuller these days with more out of state options. Destihl is the latest to drop with their line of Belgian style beers and widely popular Wild Sour series. I had the pleasure to speak with Jeremy, resident graphic artist and brewery representative about their vast range of beers that include sours, barrel aged and impressive medal winning imperial stouts. Look for them to be hitting stores soon and watch for all the events coming up for Tulsa Craft Beer Week from May 14-22.

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I went back to the basics and talked with Evan and David of the home brew store Learn to Brew located in Moore and Oklahoma City. We tackled a bunch of topics from new technology, style guidelines and how the hobby has advanced since they've opened.

Check out their store at:

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Yoga is hot. Well, yes, there is a class where people gather to do yoga and perspire in 90 degree temperatures but that's besides the point. Yoga has been around for over 1400 years and has outgrown the word trend.

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Wes has always been an influence on the Oklahoma craft beer market as the seller of fine German beers from Marshall Brewing. I finally got to pick his brain on why the craft market is so prolific in Oklahoma and what other passions keep him so busy.

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Ever since I moved to Tulsa from St. Louis in 2008, Oklahoma's brewing industry left me wanting more. So I went out to find the people behind the breweries, the community behind it and documenting the culture of craft beer. Since then it has evolved nicely and here with this podcast I delve deeper to show how much craft beer improves the people and local economies that create it.  


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