Oh boy, this one went a little beyond the Pale Ale so to say. Just about my favorite brewery to date, even outside of Oklahoma, Roughtail has been cranking out "AGGRESSIVE" IPA's and beers for the past 3 years. Jeff 'The Stash' Caillouette is the Business Outreach Specialist that helps get Roughtail beer into all your favorite watering holes. Matt Denham is the head brewer when he's not picking hop pellets out of his beard. We had too good a time catching up personally and discussing all things brewing including the new Adaptation series and an Imperial stout to the lineup.

If you make it through those shenanigans and like to hear more of these types of podcasts just let me know on the Beer is OK Facebook page. These are broadcast on the Stitcher App for free and on iTunes. If you have a second to hit the thumbs up in the Stitcher app and give the podcast a review I'd be ever grateful. It'll keep others aware that we are crafting a community of good beer drinkers in OK.



About Us

Ever since I moved to Tulsa from St. Louis in 2008, Oklahoma's brewing industry left me wanting more. So I went out to find the people behind the breweries, the community behind it and documenting the culture of craft beer. Since then it has evolved nicely and here with this podcast I delve deeper to show how much craft beer improves the people and local economies that create it.  


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