In an effort to expose the general public to local breweries, I had Jeremy Diamond of the newest downtown brewery, Welltown come out to the Blue Dome Arts Festival and continue our discussion of the local craft beer market. If you hadn't watched our video, visit the blog or one of our facebook pages and watch. Jeremy has a deep background in video production and quite enthusiastic personality that rubs off on you almost instantaneously. It's encouraging that Tulsa is a city that can embrace these new concepts and lawmakers recognize the benefits of having a taproom in the downtown area.

At times you may hear my wife manning the booth in the background. We were inundated with so many new faces and complements that day and was truly humbling to be a part of such an established festival. We look to build on this and create more experiences for the public to learn about all the new up and coming neighborhood breweries now and into 2018. Here's my conversation with Jeremy Diamond of Welltown Brewing.

Social media is such an effective tool but only at its greatest with the right vision behind it. After talking with so many breweries over the years I have come to understand the limits and hardships of building an audience and putting out consistent posts or updates on each respective social medium. Word of mouth is always going to win out in my opinion and that's exactly why I will continue this podcast. Talking directly with someone you trust about their knowledge and experiences is still the best way to bolster a brand and keep something alive. That...and voting with your dollars. Let's keep doing that for our local breweries.

As always please take a moment to rate this show on iTunes and Stitcher. Follow or share our stories and pictures online through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at BeerisOK. New tank tops are available at beerisok.com just in time for those upcoming lake getaways. 

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The Patriarch Edmond, OK

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Our state has come far with it's offering of locally made craft beers in the past 5 years alone. But not long ago you couldn't go to the source and sample their hand-crafted wares.  Local watering holes have been catching on here and there throughout the state yet we are still yearning for more establishments to cater to diversified tastes. The Patriarch in Edmond is one of those places where community gathers through beer in a renovated two story house and beer garden in the backyard. From the very beginning it was spawned by craft drinkers for craft drinkers. No macro beers are offered, instead they have 56 taps from light to dark, a couple ciders and now experimenting with some craft cocktails featuring Prairie Wolf.

The sense of community is seen throughout on the magnanimous type of day where the weather cooperates and people fill benches imbibing on the newest beers and making new friends. It's a place to sit and reflect in a era of conflict and turmoil that we have a gathering place free of oppression and hate. I sat down with Brad Mullenix, the current GM and discussed what made this place so special and took the pulse of the current market. I encourage you to take some time to visit this oasis, relax and play some board games with friends. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when time slows down and you leave feeling rejuvenated and inspired that everything will be ok in the world. At least, that's what happened to me.

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Growler USA Tulsa, OK

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It's encouraging to see what these new alcohol laws are inspiring in Oklahoma. Like myself people find their way to Tulsa through various opportunities and tend to grow some roots. Dan is no exception after being transferred to Oklahoma for his job in the frakking industry. After a couple transitions and a failing market he turned beer and decided it was time for something new. Naturally I think most of us would have this dream of just doing away with our day job and working around a beverage that brings people together. Growler USA's mission is to be the local pub where you can find locally sourced beer and represent quality craft from around the U.S. from draft. Basically, fresh from the brewery to your glass. Speaking of which, they strive to pour each style of beer into their respective "proper" glassware which we don't see enough of. 

Along with the beer there is plenty of pub grub to nosh on while enjoying a flight. Sauces are made in house and sometimes with local beer. They are experimenting with lunch specials and events like pint nights. A major bonus is you can always see the menu of beer from their 6 large screens above the bar powered by Untappd. I can only imagine how busy this place will be once they can officially fill a growler. I implore you to visit and be active in your local government so we can all enjoy the benefits of Growler USA.

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Sometimes a plan takes time to develop and mature, and for legislation to play nice with your vision. Trae and Jonathan of 405 Brewing in Norman have had some silly ideas that worked out real well lately. A grapefruit sour, Brett style pale ale and coffee stout that just won't quit. I had originally spoken to them way back when they first put out to the public of brewing beers for Oklahoma. It would have been my 2nd podcast ever until my laptop got stolen the very next day and completely lost the audio. Several years later and better practices developed, maybe more them than me, we have a new taproom to come together and meet with friends and enjoy a locally made product. Here's Trae and some of Jonathan of 405 Brewing.

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Well, unless you've been cooped up these past couple of months spring is practically here, irregardless of COOP Ale Works releasing their rebranded Territorial Reserve, a big, boozy imperial stout and Alpha Hive buzzing out of the brewery in 4 packs. These heavy hitters are perfect for winter which we really haven't seen yet again in this state, however COOP has been producing something brand new for 2017. I visited the large production brewery that now serves 6 states and infiltrating Texas as we speak and picked the brain of Blake Jarolim, COOP's head brewer. Formerly a teacher, brewing was just a random hobby that later led to a part time summer gig. We're hearing these types of stories around Oklahoma more and more where curious interest turns hobby into a career. With more barrel production and 3 new types of releases coming out, COOP is shedding off the F5 moniker just a tad and stretching their market reach ever further. 

I can't thank Blake enough for his time as the brewery was bustling that day with Alpha Hive rolling off the canning line. I sure am anxious about this new hoppy pilsner seasonal coming out soon. If it's anything like their experimental beer I had in the taproom, it will surely ignite a great upcoming summer with a refreshing beer. Their taproom will be bustling on March 4 for their 8 year anniversary party and raising funds for the Humane Society of OKC. Tickets are going fast for 2 sessions so don't miss out.

Over on Oklahomacraftbeer.com this past week, I've finally built a directory of our local craft breweries along with craft beer bars/restaurants, bottle shops and homebrew suppliers. It is by no means complete and that's where you come in. Any of your suggestions for craft beer destinations in OK are appreciated and can be sent to brian@beerisok.com. Also while you are there, sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page. You'll receive an email about once a month of podcasts, news and new merch in the shop.

My next pop up shop will be at the Industry Flea in OKC on March 25th, be sure to join the event on Facebook to see all the new items we have coming. As always please leave us feedback on iTunes/Stitcher/GooglePlay, Like our facebook page Beer is OK and follow me on Twitter @beerisok. All your support helps others learn about the show and keeps me motivated to continue on this journey to help cultivate the OK craft beer industry. Until next time, Cheers!

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